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Expressions of life issues experienced by adult adoptees include the effects of closed adoptions, loss, and emotional trauma.

Adoptee Perspectives on Adoption
At a conference in Australia, a search counselor offered knowledge gained from interviews with adoptees. While the information is in the context of search and reunion, it offers insights into a variety of issues faced by adoptees.

Adoption: Trauma That Lasts a Lifetime
In a term paper, adoptee Vicki Rummig looks at psychological effects from childhood through adulthood.

Going Back So You Can Go Forward
For adoptee Bill Wattendorf, going back to find foster parents was an important step in closing the circle.

Issues Facing Adult Adoptees
Low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, and other issues are discussed, with suggestions for coping.

Lifelong Issues
Seven core issues affecting all members of the adoption experience.

Many Hands: An Adoptee's Healing Journey
Feeling the loss is the start of healing for author Marcy Axness.

Ron Nydam's 1995 paper puts forward the belief that adoptees and birth parents must come to terms with the difference between these two acts. Dr. Nydam is the author of Adoptees Come of Age.

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Mark - 8 months ago
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As far as I know, I was adopted at 3 months. The only clue about my birth parents is a dream I had. I was driving a car from the 60's. I drove off the road in a campground-like place and stopped at an old cabin. I went inside to find my mother sitting in a chair by the window. The room was empty except for her on the chair, and the walls were unfinished lathe. She was a beautiful woman with jet black hair and dark eyes. Her hair was done up like in the 50's or 60's. She was happy to see me. My father was there too, but I could not see him. He was in the basement, but through my minds-eye I saw that he had white hair and beard. I have a deep curiosity for Native American people and their ways. Many of the crafts I make resemble those of Native American people. The woman in my dream appeared to be Native, although very Americanized. These past few years (I'm 51 yrs old now), I have become very connected to the earth through gardening. I want to connect with birth parents and siblings. #1
yvette - 3 weeks ago
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hello, my name is Yvette tesch and I am 46 years old. I was born on sept 11, 1966 in san jose cali. at the san jose memorial hospital in santa clara county. Aledgidly, I was adopted at the age of three day old after birth. Into a family of "gypsy's or travelers as they prefer to call themselves. I was a blonde haired and green eyed 9lbz and 11oz baby on September 11, 1966. the curcumstances sourndeding my adoption are still unclear. the story I was told was that my adoptive mother had lost three children prior to my araival. as a result she suffered from a nurvurs break down and in the hopes of helping his wife return to herselve, my adoptive father searched and found my pregnaunt mouther and aproched her about adopting me after my birth. she agreed. I was taken from my bio logical mother only a few days after my birth. aproximitly two to three years later she gave birth to a little baby girl who servived, and went on to have an additional two more girls about a year and a half apart. #2
tim - 8 months ago
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i was adopted at the age of 1 yr. by my dad now only my mother is my bio mother. she has been very uninforming to who my bio dad is.i found out at the age of 13. i have had trust issues my hole life. i am 51 now and have 5 kids. 4 boys.i have ms.and have drug and alcohol has effected my whole life .how do i find my missing link? #3
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